What Focus Problem?

As I have previously talked about in this blog, Benjamin has had some problems in school and with his teacher.  One of the issues she has cited is a lack of focus on his part.  The thing he has complained about the most is being bored.  Of course, I have […]

Throwing Rocks

Yesterday, we were wandering around with some friends when Benjamin threw a pretty big rock.  I told him to stop throwing rocks and that there is never, ever a good time or excuse to throw rocks. Without even waiting a moment, he immediately said back to me, “What about skipping stones on […]

So Hansom

Matthew has a rugby shirt that we dress him in from time to time and, inevitably, results in Andrea or I telling him that he looks “so hansom”. Well, this morning, I was helping him pull the shirt over his head, and as I did so, he said, “Why do I always […]

Time Zones

I use to enjoy travelling for work.  Okay, I didn’t enjoy the actual travelling, but I liked going to different places.  I think it might have been the change of pace from a normal week or maybe it was just the time alone, but once I would get checked into […]

Busted Again

I’ve been known to mutter some choice words when completely frustrated while driving.  This doesn’t matter whether the kids are in the car or not.  The other day I was driving home with the kids I had to slam on my brakes to not hit a car that cut me […]

Problems in School

Right now, Andrea and I are having such a difficult time with Benjamin’s kindergarten teacher and it is tempting to pull him out of his current school and put him in the new school that he’ll be attending, anyway, now, instead of next year.  This not be the usual post […]

Angry Bird Birthday

Matthew turns four next week and last night, Andrea took Benjamin to Toys R Us to pick out a present for him.  Well, as soon as Ben saw the Angry Bird plush toys (“Angry Bird fluffys”) he decided that was what Matthew had to have.  Lately, the boys have been […]

Sad Videos

Last Friday, Benjamin walked into the office just as Andrea and I were watching video of the tsunami in Japan. “What are you watching,” he asked, his eyes glued to the screen…It was too late to turn it of. “Well, there was an earthquake in a country called Japan that […]

Lazy Llamas

Near our house, there is a company that does a travelling petting zoo, so we always see the animals around their property.  The animals include ponys, donkeys, all sorts of ducks and geese and llamas.  The other day, we were driving by and we saw a pony trying to eat […]