Getting Lawyered by a 5-Year Old

With Ben’s last report card, we made a deal with him.  We told him that if he improved his scores in a couple of areas (listening, being neat, coloring inside the lines, etc) we would bring him to Dorney Park soon after school ended.  Apparently, at the time we made the deal, he had forgotten that we already told him that we would try to go some time this summer (as did I).

Well, the other day, we drove past the park and Ben asked when we are going.  I reminded him of the deal we made.  He thought about it a moment and said, “But you had already said we could go before that.”

Unsure of what I did say, I told him, no, that he needed a better report card to go (in all honesty, we are going one way or the other, but he doesn’t need to know that).  He thought for a few minutes before replying, “No, I am pretty sure you said we could go before I got my report card.”

Again, I said, “No.”  This went on for a little while, before he finally cited exactly where and what we were doing the moment I said we could go, as well as my exact words.  Unable to argue that, and knowing when I have been beat, I told him that if he gets a good report card, we can go twice.

Boy, are we in trouble as he gets older.

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