Japan: Fear and Faith

In the last 24 + hours I have been horrified by the images coming in from Japan.  I am sure, like many others, I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the videos, pictures and news reports.  And, I feel, for some reason, that it is hitting close to home, even […]

Pajama Day

I’m not really sure what triggered it…We were mid-movie/pizza night when Benjamin turned to Matthew and said, “Hey Matt…You know what tomorrow is? Saturday.  We get to spend the whole day in our pajamas and we get to sleep much later and we can play all day and we don’t […]

Talking About My Day

Due to Matthew’s speech issues, I do my best to initiate conversations with him, trying to get him to use his words and learn how to communicate with others.  I use to do this every night with Ben…I would tuck him in, read him a story and then talk about […]

Stirring Memories with Music

To me, it is just amazing how you can be driving along one day and you hear a song that just instantly transports you to a moment in time, bringing back emotions and memories in a way that it just stirs something deep down inside of you.  I think we […]

The Dreaded “Why?”

My kids, like all kids, want to know everything about everything and the word “why” is central to their vocabulary. Often times, we get the unending “why” questions from both of them and, after a long car ride with them, I will be exhausted as I attempt to satisfy their questions. For […]

Big Brother

One recent morning, like most mornings, I found myself carrying Matthew from my car, into daycare and up two flights of stairs.  It’s not something I have really thought about before, it’s just something I have done.  For some reason, it struck me what I was doing, and that it […]

Waking Up

Last Saturday, I was slow in getting out of bed while Benjamin and Matthew were at full throttle, bouncing around the house.  They kept asking me for several things and I kept telling them to give me a few minutes to wake up. Finally, after this went on for about […]

Entertaining Themselves

The other day, I was driving in the car and both Benjamin and Matthew were quiet…there wasn’t a peep coming from either one of them.  Then, all of a sudden, Matthew starts giggling, loudly.  I looked back at Benjamin and he just gave me a silly face and shrugged his […]

Birthday Police Car

About a month ago, Andrea and I brought the boys to Toys R Us to look at the Power Wheels they had there.  We were thinking about getting one for Matthew for his birthday.  So, Matthew was instantly drawn to a police car they had and I can’t remember how, […]

A Good Day

Just a couple of random quotes from Benjamin today… With Andrea still travelling, I took Benjamin and Matthew to BounceU today, where they had a blast.   On the way home Benjamin said, “Daddy, I had a lot of fun today…I wish mommy could be having as much fun as […]