Silent Night in the Brain

At Benjamin’s school each child has a little paper ant that hangs on the wall.  When they don’t listen to the teacher or do something naughty, their ant gets turned upside down.  Apparently, Ben’s ant spends a lot of time on his head…He’s a good kid, but he tends to […]

Fire Engine LEGOs

Every year, without fail, the story gets told about how, when I was five or six, I asked for “fiwa engine wegos,” for Christmas and the inevitable meltdown on Christmas morning when I discovered that Santa had not brought me the little red fire station with two little fire trucks.  I remember vividly, […]

End The Pain

A couple of years ago, Benjamin received a Rudolph doll that turns his head, lights up his nose and sings “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (naturally).  It is one of his favorite toys.  A few days ago, it surfaced from the Christmas boxes and Benjamin immediately started pestering me to put batteries in […]

Enough to Make Mommy Burst

Last week at dinner, Benjamin asked, “Do you know what I like more than anything in the world?” Matthew and I responded at the same time, “Candy?” Ben started laughing, “No…What I CARE about the most?” “Family,” I responded? “Yes!” “Know what I like most?” asked Matthew. “I don’t know,” […]

Giggle Taffy

I like to call it a tax…it’s the price the kids have to pay at Halloween or any other time during the year when they receive candy in birthday goody bags or as part of some celebration at school.  When we get home from trick-or-treating or from school or from […]

Everyone is a Smart Ass

The other day, I was trying to get the boys ready for school.  Matthew kept procrastinating, even after I handed him all his clothes.  I left for a few minutes and came back and he still wasn’t dressed.  So, frustrated, I started to help him get dressed.  When I went […]

No Gold Star?

On Monday night I was feeling particularly generous when we got home and I let the boys have some of the mound of candy they got at the parade the day before.  After dinner, I let them pick a small piece of candy like a tootsie roll.  Since they were so good, […]

Ooh, Nice!

We were walking around the mall one day when Matthew kept imploring me to carry him.  By implore, I mean he would stand in front of me with his hands raised in such a way that I couldn’t move without knocking him over (he may not talk much, but he’s […]

Deciphering Their Words Part II

A couple of weeks I did a little quiz on the words and phrases Matthew and Benjamin use and have used in the past.  So, here are the stories behind the words. Bading Doop: Matthew continues to struggle with more complex sound combinations that include “s” and “th”.  This leads […]