Month: October 2010

No Gold Star?

On Monday night I was feeling particularly generous when we got home and I let the boys have some of the mound of candy they got at the parade the day before.  After dinner, I let them pick a small piece of candy like a tootsie roll.  Since they were so good, […]

Ooh, Nice!

We were walking around the mall one day when Matthew kept imploring me to carry him.  By implore, I mean he would stand in front of me with his hands raised in such a way that I couldn’t move without knocking him over (he may not talk much, but he’s […]

Deciphering Their Words Part II

A couple of weeks I did a little quiz on the words and phrases Matthew and Benjamin use and have used in the past.  So, here are the stories behind the words. Bading Doop: Matthew continues to struggle with more complex sound combinations that include “s” and “th”.  This leads […]