Month: February 2011

Waking Up

Last Saturday, I was slow in getting out of bed while Benjamin and Matthew were at full throttle, bouncing around the house.  They kept asking me for several things and I kept telling them to give me a few minutes to wake up. Finally, after this went on for about […]

Entertaining Themselves

The other day, I was driving in the car and both Benjamin and Matthew were quiet…there wasn’t a peep coming from either one of them.  Then, all of a sudden, Matthew starts giggling, loudly.  I looked back at Benjamin and he just gave me a silly face and shrugged his […]

Birthday Police Car

About a month ago, Andrea and I brought the boys to Toys R Us to look at the Power Wheels they had there.  We were thinking about getting one for Matthew for his birthday.  So, Matthew was instantly drawn to a police car they had and I can’t remember how, […]

A Good Day

Just a couple of random quotes from Benjamin today… With Andrea still travelling, I took Benjamin and Matthew to BounceU today, where they had a blast.   On the way home Benjamin said, “Daddy, I had a lot of fun today…I wish mommy could be having as much fun as […]

On the Road Again

Andrea left Monday night for Switzerland and England, leaving me home with the boys for the next nine days.  A few times a year, this happens (although her destinations vary), but I am always nervous about what the week will bring.  Usually, nothing happens, but every so often… In October […]


In the mornings, normally it takes the boys 15-20 minutes to get themselves dressed.  They usually hide or wrestle or play or do anything but get dressed.  Separately, they have recently taken to playing games on my computer (PBS Kids or Nick Jr.) and I have started to use this […]

Best Friends

I think, even before Matthew was born, Andrea talked about the possibility of having another boy and how the two of them might grow up to be close to each other.  For this reason, she had hoped that we would have a second boy.  I don’t think it ever truly […]

Papa Gets In Trouble

A couple of years ago, when Benjamin was probably two or three, Andrea was doing something, I forget the details, but said dammit and Benjamin heard it it. After a moment or two, Benjamin asked, “Mommy, you say dammit like papa, too?”

Blood or Fire

While Andrea managed to make it into the office yesterday, I was snowed in at home with the boys.  Although it was a snow day for them, I still had to work.  On this particular day, that involved six conference calls and two short training videos that had to be recorded. […]