Little Know-It-Alls

Tonight we were watching the hour-long “Dinosaur Train Under the Sea” when Benjamin tells me that it isn’t the hour long one.  (Side note on Dinosaur Train…My sons’ two favorite things have been trains and dinosaurs and I think the same holds true for a majority of boys, so I […]

Last Week with Matthew

We walked down to the park this evening and were sitting on a set of benches talking.  I excitedly told Benjamin that this was going to be his last week in daycare and that he would be a big kindergärtner in a week.  He was quiet for a moment and then […]

Hard Times and the Boys

We are in the process of selling our house and buying a new house.  As I am sure most people can testify, it is a very stressful time with some days being more stressful than others.  Last night and today was one of those days in the Keenan household.  Andrea […]

I’ll Still Be Cute

The other morning at lunch, just after buying Benjamin’s uniform, Andrea and I were talking about little baby Benjamin. “Remember how cute he was crawling around?” “Remember how cute he was with Edgar?” “Remember how cute he was in his ‘BEAR’ onesie?” After a few minutes, Benjamin chimes in, slightly exasperated, […]

Benjamin Turns Five

Five years ago, Andrea and I sat on the floor of, what was then, the nursery, sorting through diapers and doing some last minute cleaning of the room.  We nervously fussed over different things and talked about how the following day would play out.  We were due the following morning […]

Buy the House

We’ve been trying to sell our house since March and eventually, we would get the kids help us with getting the house ready for showings.  As Benjamin liked to say, he and Matthew would go up and fix their beds, otherwise known as “making them fancy”. In the last couple […]

Don’t Kid Me

One night, while eating barbecue chicken, Benjamin asked “Papa, what kind of sauce is this on the chicken?” “It’s Dinosaur Sauce.” He didn’t believe me, so I had to show him the bottle with the Dinosaur on it. After a surprised look, “How do you make dinosaur sauce?” Before I could […]


At dinner, Benjamin was trying to spell different words…Sounding out the words and then trying to come up with the letters.  After spelling “ironman”, “batman” and “papa”, he asked to spell “happy meal” (don’t judge us).  So, he got the “h” and the “a” and one “p”.  I told him […]