Giraffe Lips

Officially, I have broken my pledge to post at least one blog entry a week.  It took nearly half the year before I slipped, but I did none-the-less.  So, I’ll make up for it over the next couple of weeks.

June was a weird month, to say the least.  From just before Memorial Day, right up until two weeks ago, Andrea was travelling every week, which was followed by the boys and I going on vacation with my family for another week, which Andrea could not go to because of work.  This is the first week that the four of us have been together since May for more than four straight days.  It, honestly, is a relief.  While the vacation was great, I still feel mentally beat from this stretch.

Is it an excuse for me not writing?  No…I honestly feel that is inexcusable, especially as I go through my notes (I’ll jot down a quick line to remind myself of a story about the boys or something they did) and can’t remember what I am referencing.  If I had written about it sooner, I probably would have remembered the story behind it, but, instead, I just have a few random quotes and strange references.  A perfect example would be this: “I don’t think you could get your head up to a giraffes lips?”  I am pretty sure Ben uttered that, and, for the life of me, cannot remember why he said it.  (Intriguing, though, right?)

Another example is, “Why do you even have to ask?”  I think this was also a Ben quote after I asked if he wanted ice cream.  I also have a note about “Matthew becoming a smart ass”…I need to try to recall the specific instances that made me realize this.

Anyway, I need to get back into a routine of doing a couple of these a week…it will be my “Half Year Resolution” as we head into the second part of 2011.  While we are on our own little family vacation in a couple of weeks, I will try to do a daily post…Last years vacation was what first inspired me to do this, yet I still have an unfinished post in draft about it.  Not good.

One of these days I’ll have to clear out the unfinished posts, even if they don’t make much sense.  I’ll just tag them as “Giraffe Lips.”

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