Month: November 2010

Enough to Make Mommy Burst

Last week at dinner, Benjamin asked, “Do you know what I like more than anything in the world?” Matthew and I responded at the same time, “Candy?” Ben started laughing, “No…What I CARE about the most?” “Family,” I responded? “Yes!” “Know what I like most?” asked Matthew. “I don’t know,” […]

Giggle Taffy

I like to call it a tax…it’s the price the kids have to pay at Halloween or any other time during the year when they receive candy in birthday goody bags or as part of some celebration at school.  When we get home from trick-or-treating or from school or from […]

Everyone is a Smart Ass

The other day, I was trying to get the boys ready for school.  Matthew kept procrastinating, even after I handed him all his clothes.  I left for a few minutes and came back and he still wasn’t dressed.  So, frustrated, I started to help him get dressed.  When I went […]