Month: August 2011

Not a Good Idea

Last night, I was going through the normal routine of getting the kids down for bedtime. ¬†Of course, it involves them coming down several times with various concerns ranging from the closet door being open to wanting a drink of water. They both came down for about the third time […]

Weathering Irene with a Smile

So, I wrote the below Saturday night before we lost power…I am not sure I still would have written this after a rough day, Sunday, without power. ūüėȬ† We are only a few hours into this storm and we may have a long way to go. ¬†I am nervous about […]

A U-Boat is a Boat…Right?

The other day, after all the rain, we went down to the little creek that runs near our house. ¬†The boys did what boys do and wanted to put boats in the water. ¬†They started trying to throw leaves into the water and, of course, that didn’t work out too […]

Benjamin Turns Six

Benjamin turned six today and I could spend a good deal of time writing about how I can’t believe it and how fast the six years has gone, etc., etc., etc. ¬†I won’t, mostly because I already covered that when he turned five¬†(I swear, I wrote this title before I […]

Thumbs Down

Due to a birthday party on Saturday and a babysitter coming over this week, we were asking the boys to help clean up the house more than normal. ¬†Benjamin is usually very good with this and gets right to work. ¬†Matthew drags his feet, tries talking his way out of […]

That’s Three

On the way home from work, I almost got into three different accidents and “had to” lean on my horn a fourth time. ¬†The kids weren’t in the car for the first one, but the other three times, they were. Now, on a side note, I do forget myself when […]