Month: May 2011

Bad Angel

I asked Benjamin why he wasn’t listening to me this evening, and he thought about it a moment before he said, “Well, the bad angel talks too fast, before the good angel can tell me what to do.”

Getting Lawyered by a 5-Year Old

With Ben’s last report card, we made a deal with him.  We told him that if he improved his scores in a couple of areas (listening, being neat, coloring inside the lines, etc) we would bring him to Dorney Park soon after school ended.  Apparently, at the time we made […]

More Angry Birds…and a Cockroach

The boys have nearly the whole collection of plush Angry Birds, with the only one missing being the green one.  At some point, we discovered that in June, some more Angry Bird products would be released.  All facts that are basically irrelevant to this story, because, like many of our […]


On the way home from school, Benjamin asked me a complicated question that, on first pondering, didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  So, I spent a moment trying to figure it out and noticed that Benjamin was oddly silent.  He usually isn’t patient for answers and will keep repeating […]

Giddy Relief

I believe in moral absolutes.  One death does not justify another.  Ten deaths does not justify another.  Three-thousand deaths does not justify one.  As a Christian and a Catholic, I do not believe in taking a life for the sake of justice.  There is no eye for an eye in […]