Three Minutes

Below is the story of how we found out Andrea was pregnant with Benjamin.  I wrote this several months before he was born when we were referring to him as “Pudge”.  Also, I think the writers of the TV show Scrubs stole our story. The instructions were simple.  Pea on […]

My Final Homework

Almost 16 years ago, I, at some point, was studying for my last test in college.  I don’t actually remember studying for it, so I am only assuming I did.  When I think back that far and to that time in my life, only Andrea’s face materializes.  We would have […]

All Clean

On Friday night, we had Pizza/Movie night, so we had our dinner in the family room in front of the TV, where our new couch is that we bought when we moved here and have been doing our best to protect from dirty little fingers. So, as Matthew finished up […]

Why Are Blueberries Blue?

The other night at dinner, Matthew asked why blueberries are blue.  Andrea and I both kinda admitted to not knowing. Benjamin decides to take over, turns to Matt and says, “When you are in heaven, you can ask God that!” Now, the question is, will Benjamin accept that as an […]

Dead Last and Proud

This summer, I did my first triathlon which was 3/4 mile swim, 18 mile bike ride and a 3.2 mile run.  It is something that is completely out of my comfort level and, frankly, scared the hell out of me.  Up until the night before, I was still considering skipping […]

Challenge…Accepted…Sort of

WordPress, the service I am using for this blog, has challenged it’s users to write at least one post a day or one post a week during 2011 and I have been mulling over that for the last 24 hours, debating whether I should take up the daily challenge. I’ve decided to […]


Benjamin never ventures into the basement.  The noise of the furnace, which is right next to the stairs going down, scares him, so he rarely goes near the door. So, the other day, Andrea felt pretty confident that she could take off her pajamas and throw them in the wash […]

The Naughty List

Last weekend, the boys had Santa and elf hats on and making naughty and nice lists.  Benjamin had written everyone’s name on the nice list and then started to jump around, landing on Andrea’s bare foot with his sneakers on.  Andrea let out a loud cry in pain, to which […]

Midnight Tempest

Something a little different…A sonnet. From darkness depth a midnight tempest crashed! Senses startled from rest’s peaceful embrace. In my dazed, sleep-soaked mind the lightning flashed, Breath escapes me as heart and mind gives chase. I fall from bed to face the stormy plight, My body braced against the nighttide’s […]