Checking In

I can’t believe that in the last three weeks I have posted only three times.  That is definitely off my goal of posting three times a week and my average of twice a week that I had been at before May.  I don’t even really have a good reason except that time to write has escaped me and when the time has been there, I have just been too tired to write.  However, regardless of my energy level, being a father has rolled along and new memories have been created and plans for a wonderful Summer have been put into place.

In the last few weeks, Benjamin and I went with my brother and niece fishing for flounder, we had our first sleepover with one of Benjamin’s friends, we’ve begun truly exploring our neighborhood, Andrea has wrapped up school for the year and Matthew has continued to render anyone who has tried to discipline him, helpless with his cuteness.  Ben’s kindergarten graduation is next week, Matthew will be going to his first Mets game and two trips to the beach are on there way.  So, I have a lot to catch up on and a lot of material coming down the road which I will get to soon.

However, I just wanted to check in and write something.  Writing for the sake of writing?  Yeah, definitely…Sometimes it helps to get the mind clear.

As the last month has proven, it can be easy to get lost in the rhythm of life…to let it slip by without examining it and taking note.  But watching my boys grow up, learn and live has just been amazing.  Even when things are the most hectic at work or my mind gets clouded in stress, I’ll find myself thinking about the funny things they say or their sweet smiles or remembering their laughs, and my day gets instantly brightened.  It can be so tough raising kids at times…I’m not going to lie that it is always the dream.  However, within 20 minutes of being away from them, I start to miss them.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I promise to try to post a few more in the coming week.

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