On the Road Again

Andrea left Monday night for Switzerland and England, leaving me home with the boys for the next nine days.  A few times a year, this happens (although her destinations vary), but I am always nervous about what the week will bring.  Usually, nothing happens, but every so often… In October […]


In the mornings, normally it takes the boys 15-20 minutes to get themselves dressed.  They usually hide or wrestle or play or do anything but get dressed.  Separately, they have recently taken to playing games on my computer (PBS Kids or Nick Jr.) and I have started to use this […]

Best Friends

I think, even before Matthew was born, Andrea talked about the possibility of having another boy and how the two of them might grow up to be close to each other.  For this reason, she had hoped that we would have a second boy.  I don’t think it ever truly […]

Papa Gets In Trouble

A couple of years ago, when Benjamin was probably two or three, Andrea was doing something, I forget the details, but said dammit and Benjamin heard it it. After a moment or two, Benjamin asked, “Mommy, you say dammit like papa, too?”

Blood or Fire

While Andrea managed to make it into the office yesterday, I was snowed in at home with the boys.  Although it was a snow day for them, I still had to work.  On this particular day, that involved six conference calls and two short training videos that had to be recorded. […]

Who Needs Weight Watchers?

Several weeks ago, I started a doctor ordered diet because of high blood pressure.  I involved Benjamin in it to help keep me honest.  All of a sudden, over the last couple of days, he has had a few things to say about it. When I was signing him up […]

A New Chapter

Today I opened a new chapter for Benjamin and I when I signed him up for Little League (t-ball to be specific).  We went over to the local middle school and entered into unchartered territory for the two of us.  However, after the five minutes that we were there, I […]

Nap Time

Yesterday, Matthew came out of his room during nap time and asked me, “How many more minutes until it’s not nap time?” I responded, after looking at my watch, “60 minutes.” He then pulled his watch from his sleeve (he wasn’t wearing it, it was just tucked up in his […]

The Timing of Humor

Usually, in the morning, Matthew and I drop Benjamin off at extended care about 20 minutes before his school opens.  It allows me to get Matthew to daycare and myself to work on time.  It also saves me from going through the dreaded drop- off zone (think of the school […]