The Speech Breakthrough

I am sure some of you noticed that there are a lot more quotes from Benjamin than from Matthew, here.  Of course, Benjamin’s age plays a role in this, not to mention the fact that he is rarely not talking.  However, there are other reasons. Matthew was speech delayed and […]

The Homework Begins

Benjamin was complaining about having to do homework again tonight.  I explained that that he will have homework almost every night.  He replied by saying something like, “But I don’t like doing homework!” I didn’t respond and after a few moments, Benjamin says, “Papa, you didn’t say anything.” I responded, […]

Santa Claus and Candy

The other day, Benjamin, out of the blue, says, “Papa, can you not give me candy before Christmas, and then, after Santa comes, give me candy?” After a few moments, I started lauging when I realized what was going on.  So I turn to Benjamin and ask, “Is it because […]

Matthew Strikes

We have a set of wooden, interconnected “roads”, similar to the Brio train tracks.  Matthew loves them, but sometimes struggles to put them together.  Benjamin loves his snacks (he is my son).  Today, Matthew didn’t finish his snack and Ben asked if he could finish them.  Matthew told him he […]

Some Additional First Day Stuff

A couple of things I forgot from yesterday: As I have previously said, a little girl he has been in day care with since they were infants is also in the catholic school with him.  Well, as we were driving to school on his first day, he said, “I am […]

Little Know-It-Alls

Tonight we were watching the hour-long “Dinosaur Train Under the Sea” when Benjamin tells me that it isn’t the hour long one.  (Side note on Dinosaur Train…My sons’ two favorite things have been trains and dinosaurs and I think the same holds true for a majority of boys, so I […]

Last Week with Matthew

We walked down to the park this evening and were sitting on a set of benches talking.  I excitedly told Benjamin that this was going to be his last week in daycare and that he would be a big kindergärtner in a week.  He was quiet for a moment and then […]

Hard Times and the Boys

We are in the process of selling our house and buying a new house.  As I am sure most people can testify, it is a very stressful time with some days being more stressful than others.  Last night and today was one of those days in the Keenan household.  Andrea […]