Entertaining Themselves

The other day, I was driving in the car and both Benjamin and Matthew were quiet…there wasn’t a peep coming from either one of them.  Then, all of a sudden, Matthew starts giggling, loudly.  I looked back at Benjamin and he just gave me a silly face and shrugged his shoulders.  I then flipped down the rear view mirror to get a look at Matthew and he is just staring out the window still giggling.

I found it so funny…and interesting for some reason, that he was just sitting back there, entertaining himself with his own thoughts.  I have always wondered what goes on in their little brains.

Benjamin finally broke the relative silence and asked Matt what he is giggling at.  So, Matt turns to Benjamin and says, “Bite, Bite! Chomp, Chomp!”  At this point, Ben started cracking up and they both giggled all the way home, between yells of “Bite, Bite! Chomp Chomp!”

I can’t believe they already have inside jokes between themselves.

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