Blood or Fire

While Andrea managed to make it into the office yesterday, I was snowed in at home with the boys.  Although it was a snow day for them, I still had to work.  On this particular day, that involved six conference calls and two short training videos that had to be recorded.

So, I told the boys that when the office door was closed, they needed to leave me alone so that I could work.  Of course, they each saw the closed door as an invite to discuss violations of their civil right at the hands of the other.  So, after Benjamin interrupted my sixth (and best) attempt at recording the first video I explained to them, a little more strongly, that they were not to interrupt me unless it was an emergency.  I then explained what constituted an emergency (blood or fire) and that interrupting me for any other reason was going to result in them being in big trouble.

So, of course, no sooner had the door closed behind me and I sat down, Matthew strolls through the door, confidently proclaiming that he had an emergency.  After checking him for blood and asking him if Benjamin was on fire, I told him to explain the problem.  He smiled and told me that Ben was standing on the couch.

After looking at his tiny little face with the smart ass smile on it (we have a rule in this house…you don’t look directly at Matthew when he is in trouble, because it becomes impossible to discipline him), I just put me head down on my desk and laughed, knowing that I was the one that was in big trouble.

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