Lazy Llamas

Near our house, there is a company that does a travelling petting zoo, so we always see the animals around their property.  The animals include ponys, donkeys, all sorts of ducks and geese and llamas.  The other day, we were driving by and we saw a pony trying to eat some leaves on the road side of the fence.  Ben only saw it real quickly and said, “That llama looks silly.”

I told him that wasn’t a llama, but a pony and then I pointed out two llamas sitting on the other side of the property.  For some reason, this made Benjamin a little angry and he, in a very annoyed voice, said, “Why are llamas so lazy… Every time I see them, they are just sitting down, standing around doing nothing or eating!”

I’m not sure what sparked this, but it makes me wonder how he feels towards me.

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