Talking About My Day

Due to Matthew’s speech issues, I do my best to initiate conversations with him, trying to get him to use his words and learn how to communicate with others.  I use to do this every night with Ben…I would tuck him in, read him a story and then talk about school.  When Ben and Matt started sharing a room, this routine was replaced by another routine and Matthew missed out on what we did with Ben.

So, I’ve initiated these conversations in the car on the way home or when Ben is off doing something else (Ben loves to talk and you just can’t talk one-on-one with another person when he is around).  Mostly, I haven’t had a lot of success with this.

Lately, however, after we go through our normal routine at night and we turn out the lights and leave, Matthew has come out of his room and come to the top of the stairs and quietly calls for me.  When I go up there, he tells me, “We forgot to talk about my day at school.”  So, we sit down on the top stair and we talk about his day…and he just looks as happy as a little boy could be.  When we have finished talking, he jumps up and goes running back to his room and back into bed…Too damn cute.

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