Angry Bird Birthday

Matthew turns four next week and last night, Andrea took Benjamin to Toys R Us to pick out a present for him.  Well, as soon as Ben saw the Angry Bird plush toys (“Angry Bird fluffys”) he decided that was what Matthew had to have.  Lately, the boys have been really into the game and I let them play it on my phone.

So, Andrea and Ben came home with three in a bag and Ben could not be any more excited about it.  The rest of the night he kept whispering things about them to Andrea and I, drawing pictures of the birds and doing everything he could to not give away his secret.

He told both Andrea and I that he picked the Angry Birds because he knew they would make Matthew so happy…So happy, in fact, that he said Matthew would still have a great birthday even if he didn’t get the police car and that we would save some money because we didn’t have to buy the car.

He also started telling Matthew stuff like, “I went to the store to pick out a present for you and they had a whole bunch of fluffys, but none that I thought you would like.”

The down side to this is that he has managed to get Matthew asking for Angry Bird cupcakes for his class and an Angry Bird themed party.  Needless to say, we already had a few things in mind and now we are scrambling to find at least Angry Bird cupcake toppers.

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