What Focus Problem?

As I have previously talked about in this blog, Benjamin has had some problems in school and with his teacher.  One of the issues she has cited is a lack of focus on his part.  The thing he has complained about the most is being bored.  Of course, I have seen no evidence of this, whatsoever(*sigh*).  This is a drawing he did on the back of his schoolwork.  You will notice the math problem in the middle of the Angry Bird’s face, as well as the broken pieces of wood the Blue Bird has just smashed.

Needless to say, when I pulled this out of his folder, it took Andrea and I a good five minutes to stop laughing…You just never expect to see something like this staring at you as you go through your kids schoolwork.  He admitted that the green “C” from his teacher, indicating he solved the equation correctly, was the last think drawn on the page.

Lately, a lot of his school work has come back like this…Some drawings more intricate than others, like, for example, the exploding volcano that has a variety of Angry Birds flying out the top and the piggies fleeing from the base.

On a serious note, this is more evidence that his teacher doesn’t recognize that Ben is bored.  Not only does he have time to do these drawings as the rest of his class finishes their work, but he is also doing the extra work (the simple equation in the center) that the teacher is putting on the board for kids that finish ahead of time.  It seems the only challenge he is getting at school is how to best incorporate the school problems into his drawings.

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  1. At the start of Jason going to school his teacher and I had a talk b/c I anticipated similar pblms. Jason (and a handful of others in his class) now have special folders that they can access. At any time after they are done their required work they each have a binder w/ 15 (or so) pages of advanced “pages” more difficult math, complex color by number, detailed connect the dots etc. to keep them occupied. The binder for each child is somewhat tailored to the child’s interest. (Perhaps the teacher would be willing to do this?) These binders exist for both reading and math. These are what we look at for parent/teacher conferences. Also they have a specialist for K that pulls kids out of class for advanced reading and math (coming soon) ….. Ben is such a sweety and very bright. His teacher needs to put more effort into things. Hopefully this will not be an issue w/ Ben’s new school.

  2. A “C” really? He got the problem correct and, as you said, still had time to create this masterpiece; how can the teacher NOT see that he is bored?!

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