No Gold Star?

On Monday night I was feeling particularly generous when we got home and I let the boys have some of the mound of candy they got at the parade the day before.  After dinner, I let them pick a small piece of candy like a tootsie roll.  Since they were so good, I let them have a little more a little while later.

Just before bed, Benjamin comes over with a sheet of stickers and says, “Papa, you have been a good daddy tonight.”

He then pulled off one sticker and put it on my shirt and said, “Thats for letting us have candy when we get home.”

He then pulls another one off the sheet and says, “That’s for giving us candy after dinner.”  He put that one on my shirt.

Then he hands me the rest of the stickers and tells me to pick one for letting them have candy a third time.

(He got more candy after that.)

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