The Timing of Humor

Usually, in the morning, Matthew and I drop Benjamin off at extended care about 20 minutes before his school opens.  It allows me to get Matthew to daycare and myself to work on time.  It also saves me from going through the dreaded drop- off zone (think of the school drop-off scene from Mr. Mom.)

Well, this morning, I was too late to bring him in to extended care, so I had to risk the drop-off, which meant, by rule, that Benjamin had to jump out of the car when I got to around 5-miles per hour because we were warned in orientation that we cannot stop the car (okay, I exaggerate, but seriously, during kindergarten orientation, about 30 minutes were spent reviewing drop-off and pick-up and 10 minutes spent with his teacher.)   It was only the second time I had done it, so I was nervous, as was Benjamin.

So, about a block and a half away, I start prepping Benjamin, telling him to have his book bag ready.  He grabbed it and had it on his lap, and I told him to stay buckled in until I said so, and then he was to unbuckle, open his door, grab his book-bag and jump out.

Well, a moment passed and while still a block away, I heard Matthew shout, “Now!”  Benjamin flinched for his seatbelt for a moment and Matthew started giggling uncontrollably.

After I stopped laughing, I wondered (and still am wondering), how a three-year old is already developing that kind of sense of humor.  And not just that he knew it would be funny, but the impeccable timing in which he delivered it.  I don’t know, it could have just been a coincidence, but I have never been prouder of him.  And, more importantly, it relaxed both Benjamin and I.

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  1. That’s pretty funny. I’m surprised my older boy never did that to his brother. Just wait until you start carpooling. Even more fun with other people’s kids.

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