Apparently, I Rock

As the dolphin boat made it’s way back to the dock this evening, the crew handed us a bunch of bread to feed the seagulls off the back of the boat.  I decided to try to feed the birds by hand and held pieces of bread that the gulls came and took from my fingers.  Benjamin loved it and after several birds grabbed the bread, he shout, “Daddy, you rock at that!”

Benjamin also rode his first wave on his new boogie board that his grandmom bought him.  He loved it, but on the next wave, quickly learned that the waves can be finicky and we were done for the day.

Matthew was initially very nervous on the boat when it got into the open ocean and hit the big wave, but after a few minutes, he finally went to the rail and had a huge smile on his face.  The poor guy was exhausted, however, by the time we got back.  After a day at the pool, beach and on the boat without a nap, we couldn’t get him in bed fast enough and he fell asleep as I was tucking him in.

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