Sausage Arms

So, back in January, I started dieting with the goal of losing 35 pounds.  In the process, I got Benjamin and Matthew involved and they were good in helping keep me in line.  During this time, I have been self-deprecating about my weight that the boys picked up on.  Today (with me 30 pounds lighter), for some reason, I became the intense target of these jokes.

Earlier, the boys heard a loud rumble from outside as I was still walking up from the pool.  Ben observed, “Daddy, we either heard thunder or you walking up the stairs.”  Later on, I made a joke about Andrea having “twig arms” to which Ben replied, “well, you have sausage arms.”  And in case the implication wasn’t obvious, he said, “I said you have sausage arms because you are fat.”  Matthew, of course, had to get in on the action and decided I had a “meatball head.”  Ouch, but we all had a good laugh.

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