Introducing Squeaky

As we got on the beach last night, I started to hear some high pitch noises.  I frantically looked all around to find the dolphin that might be making that noise…it was would be way close to the shore if I was able to hear it, so I thought it must be in trouble.  But, alas, it wasn’t a dolphin at all, but another aquatic mammal (at least for the week): Matthew.

Of course, from the first high pitch squeak, I knew it was Matthew.  It has been something he has been doing for a few weeks, now.  When he gets really excited or really happy, he, apparently, tries to hold it in for a moment and all that escapes is this series of squeaks that I am certain must bother the neighborhood dogs.  Usually the squeaks develop into full fledged squeals and laughs, but when he gets super excited, the only thing that comes out are the short bursts of squeaks.

So, I have taken to calling him squeaky…and it makes me feel good as a daddy that the squeaking is very common around our house.

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