NY in PA: Behind Enemy Lines

Day 215. Life continues to spiral around me in a blur of green, silver and white, with all semblance of what was before, gone. It is in a land I know and love and call home, but it is in a world I have yet to adjust to. It is a land occupied by beings who have undergone a transformation. They were always vocal, excitable and fanatical, however, now they are also a confident, proud and, maybe, even enviable group that both scare and haunt me. Yet I still call many of them friends and even family.

Looking up at the ChampsMy resistance to them is stronger than ever and I have my sons standing strong by my side, fighting the good fight with me. While my wife has been long lost to them, she has been emboldened in this new world and I have no defense against it. I put up a pathetic shield against her around my sons, but it is, as I said, pathetic in the face of irrefutable dominance. Sadly, members of my family, long solid and rooted in the cause, have been lost, unable to fight against the gaudy temptations behind enemy lines. They were offered bread in the dessert and while a mere five years has passed, they ate the bread and reveled in the riches that came with it.

There was a world I knew of that is gone now, never to return. A new world has taken its place, one that I have reluctantly had to settle into. And while it is a world that is warm and luxurious to those who embrace it, it is an arctic wasteland to those of use who find ourselves behind the line.

In the old world, regardless of what happened in those moments, I had weapons and cards I could play that would turn my enemies away. A mere combination of fingers (yes, plural) was enough to quiet them. There is no quieting them now. There are no weapons to play as we have been left utterly indefensible.

For years, they were made to suffer in our shadow. We reminded them endlessly, even when things went well for them, that we had what they would always fail at. We were not their overlords, but we were cruel, regardless. We erected monuments to our glory, one after another and we reminded them of it.

Yet, when the world dramatically changed that February night…When glory was theirs. When they had the weapons to fire and the cards to play, they merely reveled in it. They cheered. They smiled. They celebrated. However, for the most part, they did not gloat or throw back 51 years of futility back at those of us that deserved it. They merely celebrated as their cup ran over and did not care about anything else.

They were class.

We, the new resistance, looked for more reasons to cast a pall on them. We looked for ways to shame them. We looked to try to find cracks in their new monument. But we couldn’t. There were reasons they swept up the weakest of our tribes. There were reasons they swept up the disillusioned and the nomads. There were reasons they stirred awake those that never thought they would see it happen.

It was because they were fun. They were sincere. They were merely happy to win. They were a team with a goal and a city on their back and they never forgot that.

They were class.

They, to put it simply, were not easy to hate.

And that is why I hate them.

Day 215 of the reign of the Philadelphia Eagles and it still feels like day 1. It is a reign that will last at least another 150 days and, quite possibly, beyond that.

However, I will fight on. I will wear my Giants hats and my Giants shirts. I will continue to act like it has not cut me down to my very soul. I will even act like 52 never happened. At some point in time, like maybe even this point in time, I will remind them that 4 is still greater than 1. I will remind them that one of their favorites sons will be running out of our backfield this season. I will continue to proudly root for my Boys in Blue despite being swallowed up in a sea of green.

I will continue to rout on the New York Giants from between the Mighty Susquehanna and Delaware rivers. I will celebrate their victories, because they will come, and I will hold out my faith and hope for a time when the Reign of the Giants returns.

And if there is anyone out there from New York listening…Send help…We can’t let the Phillies and the Sixers return to glory, as well. I can’t fight all three on my own…I may have already succumbed to the Sixers!


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