Sunset in the Foothills

2012-10-18_17-17-09_25Into the glowing foothills I follow,

Before the mountains can swallow,

A sun casting rays in desperate fight,

Against the looming dark of night.


Her beams spread low, taking hold,

Of rocks and trees in the gentle cold.

Golden moments, they shine a glow,

Helpless, though, as shadows grow.


Frantically I make my chase,

Pleading, begging, stating my case,

To a force that bears no pleas,

As it rushes from eastern seas.


Into a canyon and night’s trawl,

I’m cast into a certain pall,

As daytime’s digits grab the rim,

Hope and light begin to dim.


I turn and speed to my escape,

Out from beyond the nighttime drape,

And up a new road on mountain face,

I quickly restart my now doomed race.


I reach for the last shining ray,

Hoping, praying, for pardon’s stay.

I fear my scramble is too late,

But refuse to accept my fate.


Rising up on peak ablaze,

On the mountain’s western gaze,

I’m reminded that it’s just a hill,

As my eyes, a mighty range now fill.


My chase, my hike, my journey here,

A plodding sprint done in fear,

Is far from meeting a sudden end,

A truth my mind muddles to mend.


An ocean of valleys and summits I see,

Calling out on the sweet wind’s plea.

Lakes and rivers and caves to explore,

Ignorance falls, there is so much more.


I take a deep breath, a rest, on foothill peak,

Close my eyes and let it speak.

There are hands in my hands, I should’ve known,

This is not a journey I take alone.


“Let’s go,” the tiny voices excitedly beg,

Pulling on my arm and leg.

“It’s time to move on,” she says clear,

With her hand, she holds me near.


I smile as they have made their case,

And take them all in warm embrace.

But before we can start our new track,

I know I need to take a last look back.


Even now with the sun nearly set,

It was not complete darkness I met,

Instead, over the plains to the East,

Rose the night’s grand royal priest.


Low on the horizon, he loomed large,

Floating silent as giant plains barge,

Less of a heavenly body of light,

More a deep hole punched into the night.


Comforted even in twilight’s glaze,

I turn forward my hopeful gaze,

Knowing I need not be afraid,

We walk on faithfully with love’s blade.


With my eyes set upon a distant peak,

Without fear to make me weak,

We leave hope and laughter in our wake,

Savoring each of these steps we take.

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