Kisses and Hugs

The other day, we received our catalog from “Oriental Trading”, a company from which Andrea has ordered candy and other little gifts for the boys to bring in to school for their friends for different holidays.  Benjamin and Matthew love looking through it and picking out what they want to give their classmates.  The most recent catalog, of course, was geared for Valentines Day.

So, Matthew picked it up and started excitedly talking about what he wanted.  At one point, he saw something with “XO” on it and said he wanted that.  Then he asked what the “XO” meant.  So, Andrea told him that it meant kisses and hugs and jokingly mentioned that if he gave them out to the girls in his preschool, he would get kisses and hugs from them.

Matthews enthusiasm quickly subsided and then told Andrea, “No, I don’t think we should get those”, before thumbing throught the catalog looking for something else.

Smart boy.

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