The Kid Knows How to Impress

When Benjamin was about two and potty training, we went to a restaurant for dinner one night.  For whatever reason, our blond waitress really seemed to cath his eye and he intently watched her as she moved about the room.  It was obvious that he was smitten.

Finally, when the waitress came over to our table and asked Ben what he wanted, he proudly looked up at her and announced, “I went poopies on the potty!”

(Side note to future Benjamin:  Yes, I plan to show your girlfriends this.)

1 reply

  1. Yeah, babe. I’m cool like that. Conversation starter right there! Although,I’m sure some of that would lose it’s charm at the age of 20. 🙂

    I’m realating to your blog and lovin’ it! Many of my blog posts are inspired by my young kiddos.

    Stop by my end of the blog-o-sphere some time.
    Lake Forest, CA

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