Perhaps I should have written this a week and a day ago, but I don’t think it is ever a bad time to contemplate those things in your life that you are thankful.

I can remember so many times in my life where I have wanted something more for my life, feeling restless and wishing for things in my life to be different.  I can remember sitting in church with my mind full of a list of things that I wished for.  In most cases, they were basic needs in life such as love, health for the ones I loved and better jobs.  Yet, they weren’t always so “noble” or important and seem silly now, looking back at it.  It reminds me that God knows what is best for me and what is important (but I like to think he has a sense of humor.)

Now, I sit with a certain contentment in my life.  I have a beautiful wife and two healthy and very happy little boys who fill my very heart and soul with love. I have a good job that allows me to be a father and a husband and own most of the “toys” I want (and, yes, sometimes “toys” is literal…I just finished putting together a LEGO set, not for Ben and Matt, but for myself…and it went on a shelf next to some Transformers).  My little family and our extended families are relatively healthy, as well.  It doesn’t take much more than a glance for me at my own life to be humbled with gratitude at the blessings that God has brought to my life.  These days, when I pray, my mind is full thanksgiving, every day and not just one day a year.

In the coming weeks I hope to write more about my favorite time of year.  There are so many great Christmas moments with the boys this year already that I want to write about…that I am looking forward to writing about.  However, I felt it was important to start the season off remembering to say thank you.

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