Learning to Spell…Ugh

About a year or two ago, we were visiting with friends of ours who own a house up in the Poconos.  As I was walking out with Ben, I turned to my friend and asked, “Do you have any B-E-A-R-S here?” (I spelled “bears” in case that wasn’t clear.)  Within a moment or two, Ben’s little ears perked up and he turned to me and said, “There are bears here?”

It happened again the other day when Andrea announced a word that another friend of ours played in “Words with Friends.”

“He just played ‘T-I-T’,” Andrea laughed.  To which a little tiny voice spoke up from the end of the couch, “What is a tit?”

Andrea and I both started to laugh hysterically, which only peaked Ben’s interest more.  Once we finished laughing, I turned to him and repeated the almost the very same thing Andrea’s mom said to her when her father said the very same word: “Don’t ever repeat anything your mother says!”

The little guy learning to spell is going to ruin the very fabric of our current communication system!


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