I’m Just Going to Sit Here in My Own Stink

A friend of ours once said, as she was struggling to stop procrastinating, get in the shower and then pack, “Vacation is over…I’m just going to sit here in my own stink.”  That about sums up my feelings right now.

I’ve written and re-written a couple of paragraphs talking about why and how much I hate vacations ending, but realized that, well, almost no one likes when vacations end and, for me to talk about it would be like spending time trying to explain how it was hot last week.  So I won’t…those paragraphs have been deleted.

We had a wonderful time and I already feel like I miss Benjamin and Matthew.  They were so sweet and I believe they really had a nice time.  Andrea and I from time to time will start talking about the boys after they have gone to bed and it will touch just the right chord that one of us will usually joke, “Let’s go wake them up!” so that we can have more fun with them.  And while I am tired and ready to move on with the summer, I feel that way as I think about the past week.  I want to wake up Andrea and the boys and head back to the beach.

Of course, I can’t.  It’s time to focus on what is coming up next, like Benjamin turning six, school starting up again for Andrea and Ben, Matthew moving into the next classroom in daycare, sporting events, birthday parties, etc.  There are plenty of things to be excited about and a lot of memories to be made…I just can’t help but miss vacation, already.  Oh well, I guess I’ll suck it up.

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