Bading Doop and Swimming

Yesterday, Andrea and I suddenly realized that Matthew was saying “bathing suit” pretty clearly and correctly.  It wasn’t long ago that he really struggled with his “s” sound and so he would say “bading doop”. was very cute and, as proud as I am of how well he has been speaking, it makes me miss how he said certain things.  Also, his classroom at daycare is called “Super Stars” or, as he called it, “Dooper Dars”.

Speaking of bading doops, when vacation started, Matthew would only go in the pool with both water wings and a noodle.  I encouraged him to give up the noodle and just swim with the wings, without pushing him.  I told him he should try it before the end of vacation.  Well, a couple of days ago, he asked me to take away the noodle and he swam around with just the wings, so proud of himself.  Then, he asked for me to take off the wings and just let him use the noodle.  Again, he was so proud.  Out of the blue, today, he asked to swim without either and he did so great.  I was really very proud of him.

On a different subject, after dinner and ice cream tonight, Benjamin (who is well-known to be the messiest eater we know) shows us his leg which is covered in chocolate.  He asked, “How did this happen?” To which Andrea said, sarcastically, “It’s a mystery, Ben.”  Without missing a beat Benjamin says, “Dum, dum dummmm!”

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