Matthew Turns Five

Matthew entered our lives on a Friday, a day that began pretty normal.  I dropped Ben off at daycare and then Andrea and I grabbed a healthy breakfast of bagels and donuts.  Andrea was already scheduled for a C-section the following Tuesday even before we headed over to the doctors […]

Benjamin Turns Six

Benjamin turned six today and I could spend a good deal of time writing about how I can’t believe it and how fast the six years has gone, etc., etc., etc.  I won’t, mostly because I already covered that when he turned five (I swear, I wrote this title before I […]

Angry Bird Birthday

Matthew turns four next week and last night, Andrea took Benjamin to Toys R Us to pick out a present for him.  Well, as soon as Ben saw the Angry Bird plush toys (“Angry Bird fluffys”) he decided that was what Matthew had to have.  Lately, the boys have been […]