100 Mile Challenge: Miles 33.16-40.5 – Breaking 5 Miles

I ran five miles on Saturday, but didn’t have a chance to write because we went camping almost right after. I ran 2.33 miles today. That puts me at over 10 miles in a week and leaves me with just under 60 miles left to go. Despite feeling a bit lazy between Saturday and today, I am pretty happy with this.

Miles Run: 5.01 and 2.33
Time: 1 hour, 1 minute, 59 seconds and 26 minutes, 6 seconds
Miles to Go: 59.5
Days to Go: 98
Average Miles Per Day Needed: 0.61
Pounds Lost: 3
Pounds to Go: 32

When I ran the five miles, I had only intended to do 3.5 miles but had it in my head that I would do more if I felt okay. Afterwards, Ben asked me about it and I told him that at 3.5 miles, nothing new was hurting so I just kept going. Ben’s response was, “Yeah, you get to a point where you just die on the inside and you might as well keep going.” He made me laugh so hard that I almost crashed the car.

As I mentioned, we went camping Saturday night. Ben and I joined a friend and his kids up in the Catskills of New York. Ben loves fishing and that area has some legendary trout fishing. While we didn’t catch anything, we had a really nice time. I had forgotten how nice it was to chat around a campfire with a deep starry night around you and a chill in the air. It was special to share that with Ben. It made me realize how much closer he is to being an adult than being a kid. And while I’ll miss the days of him being a kid, I look forward to more days like this.

The run I did today was a bit on the difficult side again. I am beginning to realize that I have better runs in the morning or early afternoon…runs in the late afternoon don’t suit me. Perhaps it is diet or just a wear and tear of the day or maybe it is just a bad time. Maybe I just hate running.

Afterwards, I came home and worked with Matthew on basketball. We have been lifting weights together and I’ve been helping him with his skills. It has been tough to keep him going with it. He can be a bit stubborn in listening to me. Every coach he has ever had has said he is awesome to coach. He listens to them and does exactly what they ask. When I coach him, however, he can be a bit resistant and stubborn. It is almost funny. It is interesting, but I’ll keep pushing him.

I’ve learned a bit more about my two sons this week, which has been very nice.

Andrea found this challenge online to run 100 miles between now and the end of the year. I have been wanting to run more consistently and have also been wanting to write more often, so I thought it was perfect. I figure I could run and document it here in my blog.

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