100 Mile Challenge: Miles 2.75-4.75

Today, 2 miles was my goal and I made it. It was not overly difficult, but it was hot. Had I had some water with me, I probably could have gone a little bit further. It was a good run.

Miles Run: 2.00
Time: 21 minutes, 50 seconds
Miles to Go: 95.18
Days to Go: 130
Average Miles Per Day Needed: 0.73

Today was my birthday and I turned 47. I’d like to say that during this run, I found some deep meaning or resolution about turning another year older, but I’d be writing fiction. Instead, my mind contemplated a busy week ahead of us as we get ready for the kids first day of school, the start of our kitchen remodel starting tomorrow and the new puppy we will be bringing home in two weeks. My birthday was the last thing on my mind, which is fine…I don’t feel older and have no stress associated with another year passing. At this point in time, I’m looking forward to see what the next few years bring.

During the run, around the one mile mark, I made a turn up hill. The hill is a slow burn, rising about 75 feet over the course of just under a half mile. When I started up, there was another guy in front of me, about a third of the way up the hill. He was mostly walking, but did run a few steps here and there. I started debating whether I pick up the pace and try to pass him before we got to the top or do I slow down to let him get to the top with the hopes he turns a different way than I do. Ultimately, I just settled into a comfortable pace for me.

It was actually a nice bit of the run…my mind was focused on the guy in front of me and I became determined to pass him before the top. I didn’t feel a lot of pain and actually really felt good. (I am sure there is a good metaphor there for my birthday, but that feels too easy.) I got to about 10 feet behind him right before the intersection and I saw him start to make the same turn I was going to make. With Covid-19, I didn’t want to pass close by him, so I decided to cut the corner across some grass to get ahead of him. Just as I did so, the guy started full running again and noticed me. He gave me a little wave, but we got stuck in this awkward situation where I was on a path to run into him if we both kept our pace. So I slowed a bit and just accepted that I would be stuck behind him for a bit. However, he slowed down as well and we continued to run together, now almost shoulder to shoulder, with me still in the grass. I decided to speed up pretty quickly and passed him. I then felt embarrassed and worried I may have embarrassed him as well, so I upped my pace some more to put some distance between us.

It was such a weird situation and I still feel a bit of cringe about it. However, a little ice cream birthday cake when I got home made me feel better.

Andrea found this challenge online to run 100 miles between now and the end of the year. I have been wanting to run more consistently and have also been wanting to write more often, so I thought it was perfect. I figure I could run and document it here in my blog.

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