Dear Little One, Part 2

Below is the second of three “letters” I wrote to Benjamin in the month after we found out Andrea was pregnant.

December 9, 2004

Dear Little One,
Edgar very comfortableWell, after a whole lotta tests, we are fairly certain you are on your way, and we couldn’t be any happier or excited…or scared.  Your momma and I are getting ready to move to Bethlehem, which should be your first home.  Plus, Christmas is coming, so there is a lot going on.  It was funny, on Monday and Tuesday, I was so happy and just felt pure joy.  Now, I am still so happy, but overcome by worry.  I keep fearing that we will lose you and that this happiness will be brief.  Plus, your momma is experiencing a bad case of morning sickness that lasts all day.  Then, you big brother, Edgar, has a hurt leg and keep limping around.  These are anxious days and I think I’ll feel better when we get through them.

Not much going on the the world, right now.  George W. Bush is President, the Red Sox are World Series Champions and the Giants and Mets are horrible teams.  I wonder who you will root for…will you root along side your papa, or will you go another direction (you can’t root for the Yankees or I’ll disown you).  I wonder what you’ll be like and what you will look like.  I don’t think I can wait the nine months to see you!

Oh, by the way, from here on in, I will refer to you as Pudge.  You’ll have to ask your Momma why she decided to start calling you pudge.

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