Fixing Home

This evening, after work, I was out playing tee ball with Benjamin and Matthew, trying to get a head start on practice for both them and me.  At one point Matthew insisted on batting without the tee, with me pitching to him.  So, I lined him up at the rubber home plate and explained where his feet needed to be in relationship to the plate. I explained that the pointy part always pointed away from the pitcher and that his back foot should be sort of inline with it.  He did well with it his first at bat and came back to the plate after Ben took his turn.  Matt started to line up his feet in a way that had him facing me straight on, with the point of the plate between his feet.  Without me saying anything, he realized something was wrong and proceeded to fix his stance…by keeping his feet in place, and turning home plate around so that they were lined up correctly in relationship to the plate.  Laughing, and instead of trying to explain it, I moved and we got everything in order.

It’s going to be a long season.

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