Ben’s Super Shop

The day before the Super Bowl, Andrea gave the boys some large pieces of paper and encouraged them to draw signs to cheer on the Giants.  They did and I believe Ben took my excitement to heart as I hung the pictures around the family room (I really loved them…I saved them after the game was over).  Later that night, we brought the kids to see the movie “Big Miracle”, the one about the whales trapped under the ice.  In it, a boy was selling pieces of cardboard to people to stand on so their feet wouldn’t freeze while on the ice.  On Super Bowl Sunday, shortly after I got the house clean, I think Ben realized that we were going to have a few people over for the game.  Suddenly, he got an idea and quickly went to work drawing and cutting in the living room.

By the time guest had arrived, Ben had set up a Giants Super Bowl shop where he was selling Giants signs, various crafts including snowflakes and paper men, and anything else he could get his hands on.  He put his shop in a prime location where anyone who was going from the family room to the kitchen would have to pass him.  His prices ranged from 10 cents to 10 bucks, but he was willing to barter for candy and other snacks.  He also started asking people to become a member of his store, where if you signed a piece of paper you got some free stuff and a discount on other stuff. He kept this up from about 4:00 PM right on up to 10 PM. Shortly after the Giants won, he began producing Super Bowl Champion merchandise, complete with the Lombardi Trophy.

Walmart and has nothing on this kid.  A slide show of the master salesman’s work, along with their pictures they drew for the Super Bowl.

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