Not a Good Idea

Last night, I was going through the normal routine of getting the kids down for bedtime.  Of course, it involves them coming down several times with various concerns ranging from the closet door being open to wanting a drink of water.

They both came down for about the third time and asked if they could share a bed because they were scared.  I told them that was fine, but that Matt should sleep on the outside so that I can lift him up into the top bunk more easily later, after they fell asleep.  They went back up and then Matt came down a moment later complaining that sleeping on the outside made him scared.  I told him to sleep on the inside, then.  He got half way back up, with Ben lingering at the top of the first set of stairs, before turning around and coming back down.  As he started into another complaint, I had enough and barked, “GET BACK TO BED.”

Matt immediately stopped, turned around and headed back up the stairs.  As he walked up with Ben, I heard Matt, in a matter-of-fact type of way say, “I knew that wasn’t going to be a good idea.”

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