Shark Week Hangover (Sort of)

Even before Shark Week came, Benjamin was on a bit of a shark kick.  Okay, a marine animal kick with his focus on dolphins, whales and sharks.  So, we let him watch a couple of the Shark Week shows and he really liked them, but left him with a few questions like, how big are sharks.

So, I explained to him that they could be very small right on up to very big.  Of course, he asked just how big.  So, I told him that since I was six feet tall, if you took two more “me’s” and had them stand on my head, that would be about as long as a great white can get.

“So,” he responded, “if we take you and put you in the copy machine and pushed the number three and had you stand on your head, that’s how long a shark can get?”

Yep.  Exactly.

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