Little Know-It-Alls

Tonight we were watching the hour-long “Dinosaur Train Under the Sea” when Benjamin tells me that it isn’t the hour long one.  (Side note on Dinosaur Train…My sons’ two favorite things have been trains and dinosaurs and I think the same holds true for a majority of boys, so I am wondering how no one, including me, thought of this concept sooner.) Anyway,  I tried to reassure him that it was the hour long one.  He said it wasn’t and asked if I could replay it after Dr. Scott finished talking.  I told him that there was one more.  He said there wasn’t.  So, I reminded him there was one on the Elasmosaur, one on the shark, one on the Michelinoceras and then, the next one, on the Pliosaur.  He was insistent that they already did the Pliosaur and that Dinosaur Train was over.  This went back for a few moments and he wouldn’t back down.  Suddenly, Paulie the Pliosaur comes on and Benjamin quickly turns to me with a big smile and says, “See, I told you the Pliosaur was next.”  Andrea and I both burst out laughing.  I, of course, start arguing with the five-year-old, as I continue to laugh about what he said and what I said.  So, he back tracks and says that the Elasmosaur is a type of Pliosaur and that is why he thought the Pliosaur was already on.

So, as he is saying this, I have Wikipedia open, looking this up.  I discover that he is actually right.  So, I say, “Benjamin, come here,” so that I could show him, but, finally having enough of this, he turns to me and says “Papa, don’t make me get my book.”

A little while later, not to be outdone, Matthew asks if he could have two rolls when it was time for dinner (he could smell bread cooking in the oven).  I told him that he could have a couple of slices of the bread and that mommy wasn’t making rolls.  He says, “Yesh she ish.  I show you.” He then proceeds to climb up the step stool and grabs the empty Pillsbury cannister from the counter and says, “See!?”  (For the record, it was the Pillsbury French Loaf.)

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