Matthew the Man, when Ben isn’t Around

I am always amazed at how Matthew’s personality changes when Benjamin isn’t around.  On Friday nights, Benjamin has an art class with Andrea and Matthew and I hang out.  We usually go to Wawa and I let him pick out his dinner (usually a Lunchable and donuts…he is my son, of course).

It’s hard to describe the changes in him without suggesting he miserable when Benjamin is around.  However, he starts talking up a storm and even has a little bit of a strut in his step.  It might just be the attention his daddy is giving him, but he seems so happy.  The best word to describe it might be “confident”.  It’s almost like he starts acting like a little man…king of the castle, even as we wander around the store hunting for our dinner.

Benjamin has always been a talker.  At times, he just never stops.  So, I think Matthew at times finds it difficult to get a word in edge-wise.  Matthew was also speech delayed a bit.  So, I think when Benjamin isn’t around, and he is the center of attention (except as papa tries to update his blog), he finds his voice a little bit and it is so neat to see his personality emerge.

As a side note, don’t get me wrong…He adores his big brother.  I often refer to Matthew as “Monkey Do”.  They are always wrestling and playing together and Matt is all smiles…Just different than when I am alone with him.  The first time Ben went to art class, Matthew cried and pouted because he missed Benjamin…in fact, going to Wawa the first time was a way to try to distract him.

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