Matthew Quotes

Time Travelers

The kids had an absolute blast this 4th of July.  At one point during a fireworks show Benjamin said, “The Fourth of July is awesome.” A couple of days later, Matthew was talking about how much he wished he could watch the fireworks again.  To which, Benjamin responded, “I do […]

Matthew’s Close Call

A couple of weeks ago, Andrea finished making dinner and sat down with the boys to eat.  Benjamin looked at his food and said, “Is this what we are having?” with displeasure in his voice.  We, like many, many parents around the world, had been having a particular hard time […]

Once Again, Busted

The other day, Matthew was playing a video game where cartoon characters are racing each other in cars when we heard him say, “They are driving like idiots.” Andrea started laughing, but I paused trying to figure out where I had heard that before, right down to the inflection in […]

Pretty Strong Opinions on Girls

Benjamin was asking one of his normal questions about how humans are made (“What is under our skin?”, “What is blood?”, etc.) when, out of no where, Matthew asks, “Girls are not human, right?” I laughed and asked him if he meant “Squirrels.” “No!” “Girls?” “Yes! They got funny hair […]

So Hansom

Matthew has a rugby shirt that we dress him in from time to time and, inevitably, results in Andrea or I telling him that he looks “so hansom”. Well, this morning, I was helping him pull the shirt over his head, and as I did so, he said, “Why do I always […]

Busted Again

I’ve been known to mutter some choice words when completely frustrated while driving.  This doesn’t matter whether the kids are in the car or not.  The other day I was driving home with the kids I had to slam on my brakes to not hit a car that cut me […]

Talking About My Day

Due to Matthew’s speech issues, I do my best to initiate conversations with him, trying to get him to use his words and learn how to communicate with others.  I use to do this every night with Ben…I would tuck him in, read him a story and then talk about […]

The Dreaded “Why?”

My kids, like all kids, want to know everything about everything and the word “why” is central to their vocabulary. Often times, we get the unending “why” questions from both of them and, after a long car ride with them, I will be exhausted as I attempt to satisfy their questions. For […]

Entertaining Themselves

The other day, I was driving in the car and both Benjamin and Matthew were quiet…there wasn’t a peep coming from either one of them.  Then, all of a sudden, Matthew starts giggling, loudly.  I looked back at Benjamin and he just gave me a silly face and shrugged his […]

Birthday Police Car

About a month ago, Andrea and I brought the boys to Toys R Us to look at the Power Wheels they had there.  We were thinking about getting one for Matthew for his birthday.  So, Matthew was instantly drawn to a police car they had and I can’t remember how, […]