Matthew Quotes

Blood or Fire

While Andrea managed to make it into the office yesterday, I was snowed in at home with the boys.  Although it was a snow day for them, I still had to work.  On this particular day, that involved six conference calls and two short training videos that had to be recorded. […]

Nap Time

Yesterday, Matthew came out of his room during nap time and asked me, “How many more minutes until it’s not nap time?” I responded, after looking at my watch, “60 minutes.” He then pulled his watch from his sleeve (he wasn’t wearing it, it was just tucked up in his […]

The Timing of Humor

Usually, in the morning, Matthew and I drop Benjamin off at extended care about 20 minutes before his school opens.  It allows me to get Matthew to daycare and myself to work on time.  It also saves me from going through the dreaded drop- off zone (think of the school […]

All Clean

On Friday night, we had Pizza/Movie night, so we had our dinner in the family room in front of the TV, where our new couch is that we bought when we moved here and have been doing our best to protect from dirty little fingers. So, as Matthew finished up […]

Why Are Blueberries Blue?

The other night at dinner, Matthew asked why blueberries are blue.  Andrea and I both kinda admitted to not knowing. Benjamin decides to take over, turns to Matt and says, “When you are in heaven, you can ask God that!” Now, the question is, will Benjamin accept that as an […]

The Naughty List

Last weekend, the boys had Santa and elf hats on and making naughty and nice lists.  Benjamin had written everyone’s name on the nice list and then started to jump around, landing on Andrea’s bare foot with his sneakers on.  Andrea let out a loud cry in pain, to which […]

Enough to Make Mommy Burst

Last week at dinner, Benjamin asked, “Do you know what I like more than anything in the world?” Matthew and I responded at the same time, “Candy?” Ben started laughing, “No…What I CARE about the most?” “Family,” I responded? “Yes!” “Know what I like most?” asked Matthew. “I don’t know,” […]

Ooh, Nice!

We were walking around the mall one day when Matthew kept imploring me to carry him.  By implore, I mean he would stand in front of me with his hands raised in such a way that I couldn’t move without knocking him over (he may not talk much, but he’s […]

Deciphering Their Words Part II

A couple of weeks I did a little quiz on the words and phrases Matthew and Benjamin use and have used in the past.  So, here are the stories behind the words. Bading Doop: Matthew continues to struggle with more complex sound combinations that include “s” and “th”.  This leads […]