Matthew Quotes

Deciphering Their Words

First, we are in the middle of moving, so posts have been a little slow…they should pick up in a week or so. The words that kids come up or the pronunciation of words is one of the fun things.  So, I though I would take some of the boys words […]

The Band is Back Together

Benjamin and Matthew dug through their toy box this morning and pulled out some toy instruments, including one of those microphones with a spring in them.  After they practiced a little, they handed me the microphone and told me we were going to start a band.  I asked them what […]

The Speech Breakthrough

I am sure some of you noticed that there are a lot more quotes from Benjamin than from Matthew, here.  Of course, Benjamin’s age plays a role in this, not to mention the fact that he is rarely not talking.  However, there are other reasons. Matthew was speech delayed and […]

Little Know-It-Alls

Tonight we were watching the hour-long “Dinosaur Train Under the Sea” when Benjamin tells me that it isn’t the hour long one.  (Side note on Dinosaur Train…My sons’ two favorite things have been trains and dinosaurs and I think the same holds true for a majority of boys, so I […]

Buy the House

We’ve been trying to sell our house since March and eventually, we would get the kids help us with getting the house ready for showings.  As Benjamin liked to say, he and Matthew would go up and fix their beds, otherwise known as “making them fancy”. In the last couple […]


At dinner, Benjamin was trying to spell different words…Sounding out the words and then trying to come up with the letters.  After spelling “ironman”, “batman” and “papa”, he asked to spell “happy meal” (don’t judge us).  So, he got the “h” and the “a” and one “p”.  I told him […]