A U-Boat is a Boat…Right?

The other day, after all the rain, we went down to the little creek that runs near our house.  The boys did what boys do and wanted to put boats in the water.  They started trying to throw leaves into the water and, of course, that didn’t work out too […]

Benjamin Turns Six

Benjamin turned six today and I could spend a good deal of time writing about how I can’t believe it and how fast the six years has gone, etc., etc., etc.  I won’t, mostly because I already covered that when he turned five (I swear, I wrote this title before I […]

Thumbs Down

Due to a birthday party on Saturday and a babysitter coming over this week, we were asking the boys to help clean up the house more than normal.  Benjamin is usually very good with this and gets right to work.  Matthew drags his feet, tries talking his way out of […]

That’s Three

On the way home from work, I almost got into three different accidents and “had to” lean on my horn a fourth time.  The kids weren’t in the car for the first one, but the other three times, they were. Now, on a side note, I do forget myself when […]

Creepy – The Next Stephen King

Lately, when the boys wake up, they have gone out into the hall or down into the living room and played without disturbing Andrea and I (much).  This morning, they wouldn’t leave the area around our door.  When I asked Ben why he didn’t want to go play in the […]