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Benjamin Turns Five

Five years ago, Andrea and I sat on the floor of, what was then, the nursery, sorting through diapers and doing some last minute cleaning of the room.  We nervously fussed over different things and talked about how the following day would play out.  We were due the following morning […]

Buy the House

We’ve been trying to sell our house since March and eventually, we would get the kids help us with getting the house ready for showings.  As Benjamin liked to say, he and Matthew would go up and fix their beds, otherwise known as “making them fancy”. In the last couple […]

Don’t Kid Me

One night, while eating barbecue chicken, Benjamin asked “Papa, what kind of sauce is this on the chicken?” “It’s Dinosaur Sauce.” He didn’t believe me, so I had to show him the bottle with the Dinosaur on it. After a surprised look, “How do you make dinosaur sauce?” Before I could […]


At dinner, Benjamin was trying to spell different words…Sounding out the words and then trying to come up with the letters.  After spelling “ironman”, “batman” and “papa”, he asked to spell “happy meal” (don’t judge us).  So, he got the “h” and the “a” and one “p”.  I told him […]

Papa, We Talked About This

So, one night, I got a bit frustrated and yelled a bit at Matthew.  Admittedly, I could have handled it a bit better and I yelled.  Later on that night, Benjamin says, “Papa, you really shouldn’t yell,” and then proceeded to explain to me why. A couple of days later, […]

Mommy Went for a Run

Benjamin: Papa, where did Mommy go? Me: She went for a run. Benjamin: Why? Me: Because she loves running. Benjamin: (After a few minutes of thought) Mommy loves me.  Mommy loves Matthew.  So, there are two things here that Mommy loves.

Kindergarten…You Have to be Kidding Me

Today I made the first payment to St. Ann’s, a Catholic grammar school here in Bethlehem.  It is for Benjamin’s kindergarten…Seriously?  He is still that tiny little jaundice baby, sitting under the lights in the hospital, days after he was born, as Andrea and sat and stared at him exhausted […]

It’s The Papa!

One day, when my son Benjamin was about two years old, I went to his daycare to pick him up.  He was just coming up the stairs as I entered the foyer of the school when he caught sight of me.  A huge smile came across his face and he […]